Monday, November 26, 2007


I am so delighted with the illustrations of zappy and me done by great Monday Artday artists; this week‘s challenge was to illustrate our favorite MA artists, and it’s an honor that these great guys considered me as one of them! Thank you so much…you really rock! – What do you think? Don’t we look cute?

© Jeff Brame - A cute black and white version of Zappy and me + the furious letters, I love the composition, I have beautiful eyes in here don't I?
© Jessica Tsoi - A double portrait by my new friend Jessi, here we are Pati and me with our respective little friends…did you see Godo’s scarf? and Zappy’s expression? I think they are really cute!

© Patricia Cabana – Don’t I look great in Godo Style? This lovely portrait was done by my friend Pati, actually she did two versions; the one posted in MA is in grey scale, it seems I’m officially Miss B&W.

© JC’s Coffeehouse Art – this cute portrait is from my friend JC, she had sent me a brownies ATC but it got lost, we were wondering what might had happened to it…I guess now we all know!

© Archive of Thought by Ulf Borgenstam – although not a regular portrait, I love the idea of this illustration, it’s me! And I guess Zappy Coffee would be a great franchise… Don’t you?


pati @-;-- said...

Jajaja... pensé que lo de la franquicia de Zappy era idea tuya, por eso no entendía la entrada... ahora (tres semanas y una entrada tuya después) es que vengo a caer... ¿yo? ¿caída de la mata?

Estas dos semanas estuvieron geniales, pero es una pena que gente tan de MA hayan estado tan ocupados o enfermitos como Mike, Michelle, Colleen, Emila... habría sido genial ver las diferentes versiones de tanta gente talentosa e increíble que participa allí.

Igual gocé un bolón. También me siento honrada de que alguien como tu me haya escogido entre sus favoritos. Sin duda, tú eres una de las estrellas de MA y de la blogósfera.

Un abrazote de Osi.



JC said...

It was so fun to illustrate you and Zappy! And I totally loved the illo you did of me. Many many thanks... I'm so glad we're friends! =)

Ulf Borgenstam said...

I'm very happy you liked it. I hope Zappy liked it too :D