Monday, November 26, 2007


I did some portraits of my favorite Monday Artday artists too! in case you already know them I hope you recognize them easily, but if you don’t … take some minutes to visit their blogs, they are really talented and I’m sure you’d love their work as much as I do!

From left to right: Pati, JC, Colleen , Mike

From left to right: Emilia, Jessi, Eslina & Ocean, Bearuh


Emila Yusof said...

Oh I love my potrait!! And my little Dixie looks so adorable! Thanks Zari!

Paola said...

Jaja! Qué monadas! Un lujo Zari, muy afortunados los retratados:)
Besos y gracias por pasar siempre!

eslina said...

Thank you so much Zari for the cute Zappyfied version of Ocean & Me! I keep smiling and feeling so happy everytime I look at your illustration of us :D I've showed Pati's and your illustrations to Ocean too! :D

By the way, I tagged you to write up 5 random things about yourself on my blog. Also I have link your blog to mine...Hope it's ok :D

Anonymous said...

Great Portraits Zari

(Ps I got one of your Fairies
from the ATC Swap tee-hee!)