Monday, June 30, 2008


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I did this sketch some months ago for the “Half Best” Monday Artday challenge and I think it suits for “fierce” too. Just look at the little monster’s face…doesn’t he look ferocious enough? / Un dibujito que hice unos meses atrás para el tema de “Medio Bestia”; de Monday Artday. Al volver a ver la cara de este pequeño monstro y me di cuenta que serviría para el tema de esta semana en IF;… no les parece suficientemente feroz?


Mônica said...

Oh, yes, he does look fierce (as does the "big" one too!) Mama's seems nice enough too... :-)

Tracy said...


Miho Sakato said...

hello zari!

we made the animation of 1st anniversary.

'sakato pic'

enjoy! (haha-;)

rizal said...

awesome.. i like it.. Fieeerce but at the same time cute..

but i am sure looks can be deceiving.. hehe

Connie said...

This is one of the most appealing illustrations I've seen. A cool idea.

Kelly Medina said...

That little one definitely has a fierce look. Great illustration!