Monday, March 3, 2008


I’ve always seen faces in lot of places and things, my friends have said that’s weird but today I’m glad to find that many people do see faces anywhere... “Faces in Places” is a great flickr group and blog were those faces are posting; I just love the idea and began uploading my own faces…Want to have fun? … Join the group! / Toda mi vida me la he pasado viendo cares en cosas y lugares, por lo que mis amigos me han llamado medio loca, pero ahora estoy feliz al descubrir que hay mucha gente como yo que le ven caras a casi todo…”Faces in Places” es un grupo de flickr y un blog donde se comparten esas caras tan peculiares, y ya yo comencé a compartir las mías...Si quieren divertirse…únanse al grupo!


jessi.tsoi said...

que bueno saber que no estoy loca... a mi también me pasa, veo caras por todos lados jejeje, me encanta la idea del grupo, me gustaría participar :D

remain.anonymous said...

Zari.. :) yoohohooo.. You got an award!! yay!!! Come and see it!


Tizzalicious said...

I'm so joining that group! :D

Emila Yusof said...

This is so cool! I love all your 'faces'!! I want to join too! I guess I have to find those faces before I could join! Thanks for sharing Zari!

Miho Sakato said...

wooooo...very Unique! hahaha

i am very happy. i Love your photo.


rizal said...

Love it.. now i see things from different viewpoints.. thank to yer.. :)

Miho Sakato said...

hi Zari!

your Porcupine is very Cuuute!!!
(although it is slightly painful, hahaha..)

kiss kiss

atomicvelvetsigh said...

lol i always saw faces in cars .. and this is way back years before the movie cars were conceptualized.. tssk! hihi.. my version tho was instead of the eyes on windshields.. it was on the headlights..