Monday, February 4, 2008


As you can see, this post comes with “some” delay; I was waiting for the last package to get here, I had the feeling it wasn’t lost, and that was true! Now, I’m happy to show you the “Christmas Trade” goodies, both sent and received. For you to enjoy! Como pueden ver, este post llega con un poco de retraso; pero estaba esperando recibir el último de los paquetes, presentía que no estaba perdido, y tenia razón! Ahora si que puedo mostrarles todas las cositas lindas del intercambio navideño, las recibidas al igual que las enviadas. Espero sean de su agrado!
From me: Minu, Quesi and Lori were in all my xmas goodies; notebooks, bookmarks, atcs, sleeves, and greeting cards.
From JC: a lovely felt ATC, mini photo stickers from Gauidi’s Sagrada Familia –one of my favorite architects and buildings-, a reindeer pin, Botticelli’s sticker booklet, and some sweet…love them all, thank you JC!
From Valerie Walsh: a set of wonderful xmas cards, a bookmark, mini cards and stickers. So colorful and wonderful…thank you Valerie!

From Georgina: cute stamped cards with matching envelopes, along with a wonderful paper tree; “Arbol de Miradas”. The tree is her blog’s anniversary souvenir; the leaves are made from photographs of the eyes of everyone that visited her blog during that month, it’s such an original idea! Thank you Georgina!

This was such a great trade....thanks x 1000


mike r baker said...

Treasures! Want!!!

BTW: You make my day!!! ;)

Pierina said...

QUe lindo!! no puedo creer ver lo que te mande aca!!! :) tenia tanto miedo que se volviera a perder. Ahora tengo que hacerte las ATC perdidas y enviartelas como envie este ultimo sobre. Un besote Zari!

Emila Yusof said...

Wow! Excellent illos by you and what a wonderful trades! I'm so jealous! I want too!!!

ValGalArt said...

How Neato!!!

pati @-;-- said...

¡Qué de bellezas!!!!!!!!! :D