Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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Two chocolate bonbons lived in the same chocolate bonbon box neighborhood. As time passed by they got to know each other better, they grew to be good neighbors, good friends, till one day they became inseparable; they had fallen in love! They were so happy yet so afraid to confess their love; “what if it’s only me? What if my dear bonbon doesn’t love me back?!”
So, many days had to pass by till Mr. Bonbon decided to declare his love; with heart in hand he said to his beloved “I love y**” … suddenly a “yum yum” sound was heard, before he could finish his confession the yumyum monster had eaten him. It’s sad but true, and that’s the end of the story.
- just another photo for SakatoDesign Around the World - hope you like it Sakato ;)


JC said...

Oh how tragic! (But I have to admit, I thought this was hilarious! And their expressions!!!) Absolutely GREAT JOB on your sad love story! =)

lunara said...

jajaja.. me da risa.. pero a la vez tristeza... 8 (.. pobrecitoooo... buaaaa... en fin.. c`est la vie.. así es la vida no?..
q creativa amiga...!!

Miho Sakato said...

woooo! very very Lovely!!!
i Love chocolate bonbons!

thank you for your valentine choco! hahaha

i introduce this photo in my blog tomorrow:)


Faruffa said...


Kstyles said...

HAHAHAHA! Too funny. Great story Zari.

jessi.tsoi said...

Delicioso, trájico y divertido!! la mezcla perfecta!!!

pupu-sketch said...

Ohhh!! I visited sakatodesign just now. hehehe.. I love the story zari! =D


pati @-;-- said...

Ay chama... me hiciste reir mucho con tus ocurrencias jejeje...