Monday, January 28, 2008


This envelope comes from Tokyo Japan, from a graphic designer named Miho Sakato. stickers are traveling around the world and the collection of unusual photographs taken by receivers are being posted constantly in the “SakatoDesign Around the World” blog. I loved the idea so much, she sent me the stickers right away, and now it’s my turn to participate…thank you Sakato! *If you want to participate just visit Sakato’s blog and send her an email.
...................Now here are my photos, hope you like these Sakato! ...................
"thank you note" -on post it animal card you sent me
"even flowers love" -on an starbucks brochure
"the gift of choice" -on ABC Mall brochure


Miho Sakato said...

hello Zari,

wow, THANK YOU so much!!

your photo is very LOVELY! i love them.


lunara said...

ohhh q lindo todo esto Zari.., voy a checar su blog a ver de q va.., besitosss.. me encantan tus diseños..

Zari said...

I'm so glad you liked it! i was such a pleasure! love ;)

Gracias Mara...seguro que te va a gustar la idea ;)

Pierina said...

hola Zari! me encanto esto, asi que hoy le envie un email a Sakato. Espero poder hacerlo, me divierten estas cosas.
(veo que te han llegado muchas cosas pero nada mio....) :(

Milkberry said...

hi zari!

nice blog! love your illustrations! and thanks for the heads up for sakatodesign. i think i'm entering to! sharing the love~