Monday, November 19, 2007


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18th of November is a very special day in my home city; Maracaibo, Venezuela. People there celebrate the apparition of Our Lady of Rosario of Chiquinquirá , one of the many popular representations of the Virgin Mary in Venezuela, and the most venerated in Maracaibo. The story of the discovery of the virgin dates from the XVIII century; it’s said that the image of the virgin appeared on a wooden board that a poor old lady who made a living by washing other people's clothes had picked up while washing at the shores of the lake.

Maracaibo, the Chiquinquira, and the Gaitas have always been part of me. Since I came to Lebanon, I’d dreams of going back to Venezuela to be able to see all my family again, and I’d also dreams about visiting the Chiquinquira Basilica … that dream came true last year…and I’m so thankful for that!

So, I couldn’t think of a better day to celebrate my first communion, yes, my first communion ever…why after so many years…well, that’s a longer story! Today, I also wanted to share with you some images; Zappy’s offering to the Chiquinquira Virgin and some pictures I took last year…hope you enjoy them!


pati @-;-- said...

Ay Zari, qué bonito ¡felicitaciones! La mía fue hace muuuuchos años, pero recuerdo la emoción que tenía como si hubiese sido ayer ;)

¡Felicitaciones! Están lindas las fotos :')

dintoons said...

and a very happy first communion!! i'm sure that longer story is very interesting indeed, do tell :)

beautiful sketch of the blessed virgin, a charming offering of love from you, thanx for sharing!!
truly, she comes to us in amazing ways... with the most wonderful love, love and love alone...

lunara said...

Hola zari bonita!!!! como estás?.. cuando será el bautizo?..., te mando muchos besitos y abrazos.. y uff está bellísima la illustración.. me mata la Virgen con su luna abajo.. ufff.. preciosa..
Saluditos.. Y MIL GRACIAS!!!

Gina said...

BEautiful image, beautfiul photo! It's a two fer the price of one!

mike r baker said...

Happy First Communion, Zari! :)