Monday, August 13, 2007


Don’t you think it’s an emergency…..ask the PIÑATA about it!
It has been beaten for a while…the character is cheating; he’s looking….the piñata wouldn’t stand it for much longer!

Actually, this illustration wasn’t done for IF, it is a greeting card for my cousin’s daughter birthday, who is going to be 2 years this month, I thought I could post it till I finish the REAL EMERGENCY one…this would be part of my card store…which is going to be online soon…by the way, i'm writing only in English because I don't want her to know it's for don't tell her : )
The real emergency illustration will be posted ASAP!


thousanddays said...

ha..ha so funny! i think she's gonna like it a lot like me.
by the way you have to give me something to shut my mouth...or i will tell her ^_^
nice work!

aidakitsch said...

me encanta es piñata!!!, es tan bonita que no provoca pegarle. y tranquila tu secreto esta a salvo conmigo jejeje

Marion said...

Great mix of different techniques!

Bron Smith said...

I like your funny wacky style.

Pati @-;-- said...

Jajaja... la verdad es que no debe ser nada bonito ser piñata, y menos ésta en particular que está tan pavita.

Besitos, Zari.


Analia Testone said...

gran idea, me encanta tu estilo, es tan diferente, los colores y lso elementos son unicos

platinum blonde said...

cute idea!

mike r baker said...

Wonderful piece, Zari! I love this!

We play Viva Pinata on our Xbox 360 at home. The pinatas eat candy and when they're full you send them to a party. The come back as good as new. :)

-M@R!- said...

Dale, dale, dale a la piñata hasta que se rompa, quiero caramelo... eso cantan aqui cuando le van dando.. esa piñata quedo más bonita que la de Maria ;oD.. Traduceme que dice.. please :o(