Thursday, December 20, 2007


Long time ago, there was a great fairy themed trade hosted by Jo Schukar , for the same reasons mentioned bellow, it took me so long to publish this post…again my apologies!

"Foldable ATC Fairies" -from me / "Haditas Plegables" -de mi parteFrom L to R: “Fairy 3 of 4” for the Fairies Swap by Brian Gubicza, “Star Gazer Fairy” by Mary Helke Kilpatrick, “Forest Fairy” and “Springtime Fairy” by Jo Schukar / Recibidas
thanks, 1000 gracias! * btw, i'd like to know who received mine :p

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JC said...

Your faries (the ones you've made and received) are total cuteness!!!