Saturday, October 6, 2007


As you can see I’ve received awesome ATCs this week too…almost one daily…I guess what I’m loving the best about going everyday to work is checking the mailbox!

The cute “Kitten in Wool Hat” is from
Eslina, from Singapore, she draws lovely kitties…mainly her cute cat Ocean. The “Zari Bear” is from Verna, who does great collage cards, she asked me to do a bee queen…so I did the “Queen Beeva I”, then came all other beeva queens. The adorable singing dog “Audition” is from Monica Carnesi, I've loved all her IF entries since I first visited her blog , so it was a real pleasure her trading with me!

The shy “Nudie Skeleton” is from
Jeff Brame, I really didn’t know which of his awesome cards to choose …but he did an excellent choice! And finally, but not least, the original “Orange Mermaid” from Brian Gubicza, his collage cards are really cool!

It's such a pleasure to receive these wonderful mini art pieces from such talented artists!
Thank you all for this great cards! You really made my week, day by day ; )

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