Saturday, October 27, 2007


It had been a long time without finding anything in my mailbox; a complete week, that’s too much for me to stand, but this week at last I found some great ATCs and a “charming” surprise. The cute baby fairy in the lower image is from my friend Rawini, I’ve loved her work since the first time I saw it in IF, its so magical!, I’m so glad we could trade. Then is “loud George” from Colleen M. Madden …this is the first one she send me, but I got lost and found my mailbox after a month long trip…poor boy! I’m so glad I finally came because this card is even better than the one she sent later – and that one was great! Another card that got lost is my brownies atc, from my friend JC, someone must have been very hungry! But she sent me another sweet card instead! And sweet also is the little fairy ...isn’t she? I think it’s a cutie! + She sent me “charming” surprises; look the wonderful charm! …she remembered how much I liked one she did for MA, and she sent me one!...that’s a lot y dear JC! You are so sweet!

Thanks a lot for such cuties! Love your work...hope we can trade again soon!


platitudinal said...

It looks like a fun thing to do. It sure makes waiting for the post to come very exciting.

pupu-sketch said...

Yehaa!!! It looks so cute here, haha