Monday, October 8, 2007


At Monday Artday ATC we have group trades. Coffee was the theme for the first one, hosted by JC, who did an incredible work …we thank her for that! Now, want to know more about it? It’s simple; every one sends three cards and receives other three in don’t choose what you get; it’s a surprise...lot of fun! These are the awesome cards I got, clock wise:

- “I Love ATCs” by JC, limited-edition print-out by the host of the trade, a lovely souvenir, I love the idea!

- “Coffee Bean” by
Karin Nichols, the original card is great, very neat with a lot of texture and spark that can’t be seen in the digital image. This is the first card I get from Karin and hope we can trade again very soon.

- “Coffea Canephora” by
Emilia Yusof, this is not the first card I get from her, but every time I see one of her cards I’m amazed…what a great work! Very pro!

- “Birth of Venus Coffee Mug” by
JC, from her "favourite artists coffee mug" series. I love Botticelli, and now I love my great mug card too! JC’s got lovely series of cards, and I’m so lucky to have some of them…and hope I’ll have some more very soon!

I hope the new owners of my cards are as happy as I am with these cuties. Thank you all…It feels so great to trade with such talented –and nice – artists…you are great!

These are the ones i sent;

“Cheese + Coffee”, and “ATC cut-out” from coffee sleeve, and “Morning Coffee”

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JC said...

Zari, I'm so glad you liked your cards! Just to let you know... Roberta received “Cheese + Coffee”, Emila received the “ATC cut-out” from coffee sleeve, and Jeff received “Morning Coffee” (in case you wondered who got your cards)